Vital Statistics

Birth and Death Certificates

Harrisburg Birth Certificates (1906 - 1938) include the full name of the child and the professions of the parents. Death Certificates (July, 1883 - Sept, 1884; Jan, 1890 - Feb, 1905; 1906 - 1935) include the birthplace of the parents of the deceased. The Register of Deaths is also available from July, 1874 to April, 1879. These records are useful for genealogy and familiy research.

City Directories

City Directories

Boyd's and Polk's City Directories of Harrisburg include most years from 1888 to 1994. These resources are helpful in tracking residency and professions. They contain both homeowners and renters as well as businesses. Beginning in 1923, entries are listed both alphabetically and by street address.


Harrisburg Pennsylvania Intelligencer

The Newspaper collection includes the Harrisburg Telegraph (1857 - 1910), the Patriot (1869 - 1912), the Harrisburg Pennsylvania Reporter (1828 - 1840), the Harrisburg Pennsylvania Intelligencer (1822 - 1827), and the Star-Independent (1911).

Maps & Atlases

Insurance Map

The Maps & Atlases Collection includes bound editions of late 19th/early 20th century insurance maps, which are useful for property research. Roes Atlas of the City of Harrisburg (1889), the Atlas of Harrisburg by the Harrisburg Title Company (1901), and hard-to-find Sanborn-Perris Map Company atlases for 1890 and 1905 contain detailed color plates with brick, wood frame and stone construction outlined along with property owners.


Harrisburg Skyline (c. 1945)

The Postcard Collection includes Architecture, Transportation, and Parks of Harrisburg and neighboring communities such as Steelton, Rockville, Liverpool, Marysville, Millersburg, Middletown, and Rutherford.


Old State Capitol

Photography includes late 19th and early to mid 20th century street scenes, buildings, people, businesses and industries as well as parks and river views, sports, entertainment and recreation events.